Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Are you looking for an artificial grass installer. We are bringing high quality installation services in your city. We can create beautiful green space in your garden and the surroundings with our realistic range of grasses.

Our company has been installing artificial grass for over a decade. The fake lawns that we have fitted throughout the years are lush and green beauties our clients can’t stop raving about.

If you are living in Noida and still undecided on whether to use fake grass to replace your lawn, here are some points that can change your mind.

A Fresh Look for your Lawn All-Year Round

An artificial lawn can give your home a fresh and attractive look regardless of the weather and season. Gone will be the problems of reseeding and sprinkling of your lawn..

High Quality Artificial Grass that Lasts

Our line of products is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. The material which we use are designed to comply with ISO standards of quality.

These products are developed with a 10-year warranty. Rest assured, the artificial garden you get from us will look fantastic for years to come.

A Lawn with Low Maintenance

Maintaining a conventional garden can cost you a ton of your valuable resources. The availability of time, money, and space where you store your garden equipment are just among the predicaments you encounter when owning a conventional lawn. Today may be just the right time to resolve these issues that eat into your free time.

Why Karvi Decor Artificial Gardens is the Best Choice?

The vast experience of the grass installation professionals we have  necessary expertise to handle any fake grass installation, no matter if it’s a roof garden, terrace , office or formal garden.Our artificial grass range come with a warranty of ten years for your peace of mind.


We assure you that the artificial grass installation services we provide are of the utmost quality. The services and products we provide have made hundreds of homeowners happy so much so that receive the bulk of our work from recommendations.

Get in touch for a quote today with your local fake grass installers .

Our aim is to make our artificial lawn look and feel as nice and soft as natural grass.

Fusion Artificial grass provides a creative way to build more green spaces around you. It can be used for landscaping in offices, balconies, terraces, gardens, hotels, etc.

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